52 weeks. 52 people. 1 Twitter account. Bristol represented.


Mar 2, 2012
@ 12:25 pm

A few of the finer details

So the project has gained some speed, with us now having 12 people on the waiting list to be contributors and 73 Twitter followers! We’ve also been featured on the Guide2Bristol website which is ace!

But the time has come to get some plans in place, so I at least have something to tell people when they ask about them.

The initial idea is that:

  • A schedule is drawn up of the 52 participants, with start and end dates.
  • Participants and Bristol52 will discuss what week is best for both parties.
  • Their week ‘on duty’ will start at 00:00 on Monday and finish at 23:59 the following Sunday.

Participant selection:

  • At this stage, with 52 slots to fill, we can’t be choosy!
  • If we get more than 52 participants, we may start selecting people, based on the differences from other people on the list. For example, we don’t want Bristol to be represented all by male football fans do we?

Helping Bristol52:

  • At the moment, Bristol52 is one man (@jakepjohnson), so adding other people to the team would be great.
  • Ideas and suggestions are also greatly received. This idea was born out of someone else’s idea, so it’s the way to go!

You can contact us through Twitter (@Bristol52) or by email(bristol52@jakejohnson.co.uk).

Image by Joe Dunckley