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Apr 16, 2012
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Week 1: @hayles (23rd - 29th April 2012)

We are getting closer and closer to kickoff, so we thought that it would be a great time to get to know the person who will get the ball rolling. Introducing @hayles, who will be taking over the account from 23rd - 29th April.

We asked her a few questions to help everyone get to know her before breaking our participant silence next Monday:

How did you hear about Bristol52?
I think when Jake was first thinking about the project. I think its a great idea, to show the different types of people that live around the city.

Why did you want to get involved?
I really like the concept of the project, but also I really like talking to people, and I hope I get to meet new people in Bristol from this!

What does the city mean to you?
I love Bristol. I wanted to come here for uni, but the University of Bristol didn’t do a course that I liked, and UWE accepted me on my AS grades, which made me wonder about the quality of course! I spent a year here in my year in employment and fell in love with the city.

I wanted to come back straight after uni, but life got in the way, and I moved here finally in 2008. Bristol always appealed to me because despite being a huge city, it feels like the small towns I grew up in and went to uni.

What is your favourite event in Bristol?
Hmm…I don’t think there is one event that I could pick. I love that there are different types of meet ups available (and hopefully one of my own soon!), I love the foodie events places like Goldbrick House do (their Fabulous Food Nights are EPIC), I love events like KittenCamp and Bristol Girl Geeks that cater to specific interests - I just love meeting up with new people (well, when I’ve gotten up the courage to go to an event, of course!)

What is the worst thing about Bristol?
*sigh* First Bus is a bane of my life. I promise not to talk about them too much, but I would love to see if they would want to take one of the Bristol52 slots! Pretending that we have an amazing public transport system (a girl can dream), I think my only other issue with Bristol is that we’re ignored because we’re so close to London (well, at least for things to do with blogging, etc) I know that in the south west, we have a huge audience of female bloggers in the same genre as me, and I think brands are wasting that opportunity.

What is your favourite hidden gem in/secret about Bristol?
My latest cafe discovery of Cordial and Grace - who wouldn’t love a tea shop thats also a craft haven? (http://www.ceriselle.org/blog/2012/03/a-very-modern-tea-room/)

What can we expect from your week as a Bristol52er?
Hopefully something that will make people laugh!

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